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Ear Candling Calgary

Ear Candling Calgary

Alternative Medicine Practise for Well-Being

Like massage therapy, ear candling is a procedure that has been practiced for thousands of years. The process involves burning one end of a narrow, cone shaped candle made with bees wax and herbs. It is a soothing therapy for ears, eyes, nose and throat. Ear candling can:

  • Clear sinus congestion
  • Sooth allergy symptoms
  • Relieve headaches & migraines
  • Help with hearing loss
  • Treat earaches


  • 2 candles $55
  • 4 candles $75
  • 6 candles $95
  • 8 candles $115

Our Calgary wellness centre has treated thousands of sinus and allergy sufferers as well as individuals with excess earwax. Are you suffering from sinus congestion or headaches? Maybe an ear candling procedure can help. Call Massage for Health in Calgary today at 403.225.0763.


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