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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Massages in Calgary

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Most of us don’t need a reason to book a massage. These two hour sessions feel amazing and promote relaxation. However, getting your husband to rub your shoulders in the evening isn’t exactly the same thing as visiting a registered massage therapist in your neighborhood spa, now is it?

Some of us in Calgary need a little encouragement to book regular massage sessions and here are 8 reasons to persuade you:

  1. Detox – No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, you still build up toxins in your body. Our lymph system acts as our body's little army by removing impurities, but it can use some help from time to time. Massage Therapy activates the flow and disposal of toxins in our muscles and organs to improve their functionality and overall health.
  2. Decrease Tension & Enhance Flexibility - Massage increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles and joints, relieving stiffness and lubricating joints for more flexibility.
  3. Injured? Heal Faster! – Scar tissue builds up after injuries and massages break it up so you can regain full mobility again. Why do you think professional athletes are always getting massages before, during and after games? It works!
  4. Proper Posture – Remember mom always telling you to stand up straight and to put your shoulders back? Massage Therapy can assist with proper poster! And don't forget, proper poster can make you look up to 5 lbs thinner.
  5. Promotes Overall Health – You take your car in for preventative maintenance, right? Well if your body was a Ferrari, massages would be like oil changes. They reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure levels and boost your immune system.
  6. Decrease Pain – Whether you have arthritis, pregnancy discomfort or even fibromyalgia, massages increase blood circulation to muscles and block pain receptors in the nervous system.
  7. Silence Stress – The calming powers of massage relax the body and mind, reducing stress and cortisol levels. Many people don’t realize how detrimental stress can be to overall health. Booking regular massages will ensure that you unwind and protect yourself from the effects of stress.
  8. Because They’re AWESOME! – Who needs an excuse to be pampered into a state of total relaxation? Massages release endorphins and make you naturally happy!

So go for it! Whether you enjoy massages on occasion or if you’re a first-timer, there’s no reason to miss out on the excellent benefits they provide.

Looking for a registered massage therapist in Calgary? Call Massage For Health today at 403.225.0763 and ask about our other wonderful amenities too!   

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