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Can Massage help my Plantar Fasciitis?

Everything was just fine and then you were struck by this heel pain that found you hobbling around and very uncomfortable.  You wonder what is causing all this havoc on your heel and why it is fluctuating between stabbing pain to a dull ache.  It is most likely Plantar Fasciitis that causes the nagging inflammation of the tendon band that runs between your toes and heel.  While it is not the most serious of conditions, it can become a recurring uncomfortable mess.

The inflamed band of tissue is called the plantar fascia and helps support the arch of the foot while being instrumental in acting as one of the body’s natural shock absorbers.  Plantar Fasciitis is often seen in middle aged people as well as individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet like athletes. Many individuals report the pain being worse in the first few steps of the day and often speak of increased heel pain while climbing stairs.  If the ligament is repeatedly strained it can cause ligament tears which can result in more pain, swelling and possible surgery.

What are some of the causes of Plantar fasciitis?

  • Excessive pronation
  • Limited ankle mobility
  • Poor footwear
  • Weak muscles in the foot on top part of the lower leg
  • You have high arches or flat feet.
  • Excessively run on hard surface
  • Excessive weight.
  • Standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces
  • You wear shoes that don't fit well or are worn out.
  • Tight Achilles heel muscles
  • Tight Calf muscles

A  registered massage therapist can be extremely effective in treating plantar fasciitis.  The therapist may use their thumb and fingers to apply light pressure on the foot from the toes to the ankle.  The therapist's heel of the hand is effective in applying pressure from the top of the metatarsal area down to the heel.  Plantar fasciitis also responds well to a good thorough calf and foot massage with trigger point work.

In between your visits to your registered massage therapist there are other things that you can do to help your condition.  Try switching to less aggressive activities for a few days to reduce the impact on your feet.  A good example of this would be, walking or swimming instead of running. Try doing regular calf stretches in between your massage appointments and wear supportive shoes.  And finally, try to remember to put your feet up and let them rest, they are inflamed and need a chance to heal. 

Massage, rest, appropriate footwear and adjusted physical activities can all be part of your healing and point you away from needing surgery. Call the Massage for Health Clinic and book an appointment today.  You will feel the much needed relief from your plantar fasciitis and can enjoy a full body massage for optimal relaxation.  Call Massage for Health Clinic today @ 403-225-0763.



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