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Do you use your Health Benefit Package to its Fullest?

Health Benefit Package

When you think of Health Benefits, which side of the fence do you sit on? There often seems to be two different types of benefits users. There are those that don’t seem to really get around to using their annual Health Benefits and those that lock them down like a third child.

We have all heard the infamous words when the clock runs out on our annual unused benefits, ‘I just never got around to using them all’, “I am just not very organized and time gets away from me” or “I never knew I had benefits for that!”.

And then there is the echo from the other camp of people who often say, ‘I would never let them go to waste’, ‘I book my appointments for the year when it comes to things like massage and dental so I get to take full advantage of them’ and ‘Why would you not use them, they are yours to use?!’

And, of course, those of us that fall right in between. We want to use them, we know we should and we don’t want our hard work to go to waste...but sometimes life just gets away from us.

Let’s work through how to be organized and use up those health benefits and why we should make sure and add massage to that schedule.

Do you know what your benefit plan includes?

This seems pretty basic however, many people don’t bother to look at their full package and miss out on some great benefits. Do your benefits include; dental, eyeglasses, prescriptions….what about massage? A quick online check into your benefits usually discloses all this information pretty easily. If you don’t know where to look or do not understand any of the wording, call your Human Resources Department and they will be able to help you. Or, feel free to call the Clinic. Massage for Health Clinic @ 403-265-0763 and they will be happy to walk you through your options.

How can you organize your year to make sure you use up all your benefits?

One easy way to do this would be to call a local provider like the Massage for Health Clinic and have your calendar in hand. We can pre-schedule your appointments and let you know what your monetary portion will be for each appointment. In the unfortunate event that you should have an injury that requires appointments closer together, we are happy to help you reschedule.



What are the benefits of Massage and using my Health Benefits for Massage?

Have you found yourself wondering if a massage would serve you well?

Here are some of the benefits of massage:


  • Anxiety

  • Digestive disorders

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia related to stress

  • Myofascial pain syndrome

  • Soft tissue strains or injuries

  • Sports injuries

  • Temporomandibular joint pain

  • Relaxation

  • Stress

  • Pregnancy

If you want to go over your current concerns or needs please call and we can create a custom plan for you here at the Massage for Health Clinic.

We all work hard for our money and many of us are fortunate to have Health Plans that can include Massage. It is important that we educate ourselves regarding our full package, organize our year to use them up and are aware of all of our options.

Give us a call today and we can help you navigate your full Health Coverage here at the Massage for Health Clinic. We have many services here to serve you!

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