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Does that 'TO DO LIST' include YOU?

therapeutic massage therapy calgary

It had been a day. You know the one. The one that has you reevaluating your priorities, life, time and everything in between. A better balance needed to be reached and that had to start with adding some things to that calendar on my all consuming phone, FOR ME!

My decision on that fall walk?
I would add regular Therapeutic or Relaxation Massages to my calendar.

Love the smells as I walk in the Clinic, the gentle disposition of the Massage Therapist, the healing hands, the soft music and the feeling of being so relaxed and cared for.

I arrived back home and placed my open palms on my cool cheeks and smiled. I then reached for my phone and added 'book a massage' to my calendar for the next day. The repeat option allowed me to set a reminder to give myself this gift monthly and I added a note into the calendar that simply said, 'you deserve this'

Margaret Atwood, 'touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.'

Find part of your healing truth at the Massage for Health Clinic @ 403-225-0763

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