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Golf Elbow? Tennis Elbow? Plantar Fasciitis? More.....

Shockwave Therapy

Did you know that shockwave therapy is one of the most recommended treatment protocols for pain management and treatment of various musculoskeletal afflictions such as:

  • Tennis elbow;

  • Golfers elbow;

  • Plantar fasciitis;

  • Jumper's knee;

  • Rotator cuff injuries;

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are used to describe painful conditions that are most commonly caused by repetitive strain to the tendons that cross the elbow and attach to the bumps just above the elbow joint. These conditions result from repetitive strain to the tendons and is why these are generally categorized as overuse injuries.  The main culprit involved in these conditions are the tendons, however you should keep in mind that the tendons connect muscle to bone, so the forearm/wrist muscles that these injured tendons blend with are also highly involved. 

Repetitive actions such as swinging a tennis racquet or a golf club are prime examples of movement patterns that can lead to these conditions, which is why they are referred to as the same.   But it is a generality and other repetitive actions, such as swinging a hammer or using a paintbrush every day, can also lead to these same conditions.

In our shockwave therapy department at Massage for Health we use the BTL-6000 machine.   This machine is one of the most powerful shockwave machines on the market and is 100x more powerful than traditional shockwaves.   This type of shockwave is also able to penetrate 20x deeper, breaking up scar tissue deep in the joint or body where other shockwaves or conservative treatments are unable to do so.

At Massage for Health our BTL-6000 machine uses strong energy pulses which occur for short periods of time and are applied to the affected area, creating “micro-cavitation bubbles” that expand and burst. The force created by these bubbles penetrates tissue and stimulates cells in the body that are responsible for bone and connective tissue healing. 

When using focal shockwave therapy most indications show that 3–5 treatments which are done 3–10 days apart, are the most effective.   Time in between and number of treatments also are dependent on the patient's tolerance and their tissue response.  However most people see noticeable results after one or two treatments with no recovery time.  

Call 403-225-0763, visit to learn more or click here to book in for your package. 

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Wishing you peace and health.


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