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The Warm Weather Dash to gardens, trails and patios

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It’s that feeling we get, the one that tells us that it might be safe to looks towards, ‘Summer Mode!’  You immediately step aggressively into action with local patio plans, gardening and a ramped up outdoor exercise regime to an uncomfortable measure. After all, the growing season and warm months fly by so quickly, you have to make the absolute most of it. Personally, my agressive step into action has left me quite sore and reconsidering the pace I am going to proceed at.

If we are gonna make it out of this warm weather sprint in good measure, I think we should go over some self care tips to get us through, don’t you? First recommended tip, book a massage at the Massage for Health Clinic here in Calgary. They have registered massage therapists ready to soothe those aching muscles and help you stay limber to avoid injury. Next, let’s chat about gardening and exercise.

Gardening is such a joy this time of year. The hope of new life sprouting from the ground and all of those great vibrant colors painting our yards. All of our plants require detailed care and time. Try to remember to move positions and change tasks frequently. Bending over for too long in a locked position or repetitive hand tool use can result in injuries and sore muscles throughout the body. Don’t forget to water yourself as you are watering those beautiful new plants. Water is essential to keep everything moving and healthy. And for goodness sakes, wide stance your feet and bend at the knees when lifting. Don’t get carried away with your warm weather superhero powers and think you can sling those heavy things around the yard. Take care when moving pots, soil bags and all the rest, I am sure a friend wouldn’t mind giving you a quick hand.

Outdoor exercise is screaming your name and you just want to go and feel the warm air on your skin and soak in the bright blue sky. There is a chance that body may not have gotten to quite the level of fitness activity you imagined over the winter months. Take time to stretch before and after your exercise, give your body the time it needs to ease into activity. Remember to carefully note the route you are going to use to bike, run, and/or walk. Be safe when picking the time of day you are going and if you should buddy up with a friend to enjoy your exercise. Have you packed enough water? Nothing much is worse than thinking that you will just go for a quick jog and end up parched half way through.  

Many of us enjoy rewarding and relaxing summer beverages after or during a long, hot day. We love them, our body requests them and our friends demand them. Try to have a glass of water in between your beer, it will keep you hydrated and able to withstand the hot sun. Remember those drinks have calories and always seem to end up right at the core, which brings us back to our intense warm weather exercise regime! Everything in moderation! We are smart people, we sometimes just need reminders to add some water to the mix in the sun.

Between Gardening, exercise and drinks, your schedule is going to be extra full. Don’t forget to check out the Massage for Health Clinic @ 403-225-0763 and all of their amazing services, including full body therapeutic massage. See you on the patio!

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