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Jason Guyett

    Jason graduated in April 2019 from MaKami College where he soon after became a Tutor for the current students, and a Learning Assistant to help out the Instructors in class. This helps him keep his skills sharp, and encourages him to continue pursuing an education in this field.

    Jason’s main interests lie in Myofascial Release, Myofascial Cupping, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Joint Play, Orthopedic Assessment, Gait and Posture Analysis

    He describes his main massage style as “low and slow”. This provides maximum benefits from therapeutic deep tissue massage but is applied at an accepting pace to allow the body to adapt to the depth of the pressure and remain comfortable. 

    Jason is fully registered with the City of Calgary, The Certified Registered Massage Therapy Association (CRMTA), and has 3000 hours of education.  

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